November 13, 2011

Brenda Arizona

Nov 13, 2011
  Brenda is a tiny old town, between Vicksburg and Quartzsite on Hwy 60. Made up of 4 RV parks and neighborhoods and a part time fruit stand, restaurant and small food stand and sometimes a grocery store. No gas here. You can buy a book of the trails from Black Rock RV park.
Bouce is a small town, 18 mi north of Brenda, on Hwy 72. Another small town, but it has a few stores, laundromat, restaurants, library, grocery, and gas
Eagles Eye View, close as you can get!                     Black lava rock surrounding town of Brenda.

E Eye black rock
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Apache Chief Cabin, built with stones.               Note all the electric items, yet no electricity here!

  This area is desert with some pink sand dunes, mountains, wash trails and desert. It is quite an interesting area to ride thru, black volcano rocks, green and blue rocks, and game water dams. You can actually ride from one town to the other.  Some RV parks in either area will have an Atv ride poker run.
Some of the destinations to ride to: Fault line, Eagle's eye, The Grotto of Mary of Guadalupe, Rholite mine, Apache cabin and some interesting Petroglyphs and many more. More pictures of the sights in a 2012 post.

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The Grotto of Mary of Guadalupe, with solar light on the cross.

Dahl rams(1) P1010155
yel flow 100_4075
100_4076 P1010138

VICKSBURG-spelled out on the desert floor with stones.  These were placed here women pilots to navigate from Calif. to Tucson Air Base, because the planes did not have instruments.

NEAREST CITY=Quartzsite                                                                                                                         TYPE OF LAND=-desert, forest, mountains , OWNER=  BLM,
QUALITY >  Pro / Con /  Length of stay 2-7 days / Rating-stars 5 out of 5
TERRAIN> 100 MILES OF TRAILS, hills / dunes  / dust  / some elevation


Bouce, Arizona

Bouce, Arizona

Nov. 13, 2011

   Bouce is a very small community, between the towns of Parker and Quartzsite and a little east on Hwy. 72.  It is a very famous Boon docking Area(parking on the Bureau of Land Management-BLM, and having no utilities.)  The city park, south of town, for a fee, let you dump and take on water.  There are several campgrounds, restaurants, laundromats and a town hall.  This is a great area to ride out on the desert, mountain, sand dunes, and watch out for dangerous abandoned mines!  There is one that resembles a funnel, once you start sliding, your done for!    We rode on a Poker Run, where you pick up cards at marked locations.  At one card spot, they were selling cooked hotdogs!! At the end of the day we arrived at the RV park, to see who had won.  The money raised was donated to a local charity so all the local children can have Christmas presents.


Boondocking, nice flat gravel sites. /VICKSBURG, rock sign for WWII pilots, no flight instruments


^ Desert riding, great varied terrain.           Poker Run Hot Dog stand and sodas. ^ Quite Uptown!


Rock wall formations                                              Big Horn Sheep, watching from high above!