October 25, 2012

Magazine Mt State Park, Paris Ar

Magazine Mt State Park, Paris Arkansas
Oct 25, 2012
   We climbed the mountain towards the State Park, and turn to the right at the Horse Camp. There are no utilities, and it is a major staging area.  Good thing we had a map of the trails and the roads, because there were many! One day we rode 40 miles, the leaves were so thick on the ground we had a difficult time following the trail.  Some trails cross hard bottomed creeks.  We also found Buzzard Rock, it is a high sandstone bluff.  At this point you can see miles away.   Oak, maple, pawpaw and pine trees make a patchwork quilt of many colors.


View from Buzzard cliff                                    Outstanding leaf colors!

buzzard_rock 100_4936
mag_mt_ride creek_splash

The second day the parking lot was full of trucks and trailers with OHV. We drove 35 miles, and only met 3 OHV. We were on the Huckleberry Trail where we took an off shoot trail to a Rock Wall, 300 ft tall and 700 ft long, it was so remarkable. There is no railing at the top, so beware when riding in the area. Watch out for horse riders, since the trails are shared. 
After we were done riding we went to the lodge in the park which had a stunning view and a wonderful lunch.  Right out of the lodge, there is a walk at the top of the mountain ridge, where we could see all the trees in fall foliage. We also drove to the parking area and hiked to the tallest point in Arkansas, 2,753 ft.  It was not a strenuous hike because you have already drove up the mountain to the park. There is also a lookout loop road in the park, with sandstone bluffs and breathtaking views.                                         

100_4946 Lar rock wall
100_4926 100_4938


DIRECTIONS= Paris, Hwy 22, south on Hwy 309, to Magazine Mountain State Park. Boondocking on right at the Horse Camp
AREA >   TYPE OF LAND=- forest, mountain, hard bottom creeks , OWNER=  State & Nat Forest
QUALITY >  Pro / Con /  Length of stay 3 days / Rating-stars 5 out of 5
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS, hills  forest / mud  / water crossing /                                

TRAIL MAINTENCE -Yes  / SIDE TRIPS> Magazine Mountain State Park

A short hike from the lodge

October 23, 2012

Dover, Ar

Macks Pine CG. Dover, Ar
Oct 23, 2012
   Macks Pine Campground is north of Dover on Hwy 164, it is
right off the highway and Moccican Gap Horse Camp is 1 mi North. We camped at both sites and rode out of both. The trails and roads are used often and marked. It was an interesting area of hardwood forest, water crossings and rocky areas. We drove many miles.

Over hang P1000400
praying mantisStick bug P1000397


October 10, 2012

Brock CG, Jerusalem, Arkansas

Ozark National Forest Service, Brock Cr Campground,Jerusalem,Arkansas                                                                                      Oct 10, 2012
   We were lucky to find Brock Campground, it is off the main highway, on a gravel road, with no signs to point the way.  Once we got to the small, no utilities, 6 site campground. we were lucky to fit in the sites with our 36ft. toy hauler. There was a outhouse, firepit and picnic tables.
   But once we went out riding it was worth it. There were many trails, thru the hard wood forest, water crossings with mountain top ridges. It had rained and there were mud holes and mud near the lake.  Larry was leading when he dropped into a BIG water hole.  This is the first time he had to use his winch to get out!  We came across a raccoon and a few deer.

Camping site with a small lake at rear.                Larry’s new Can-Am.

p1000463 100_4914
100_4940 p1000373


LOCATION>   NEAREST TOWN=Jerusalem, Ar Nearest City= Russellville, Ar   DIRECTIONS=North of Jerusalem on County Rd 124
AREA >   TYPE OF LAND=- forest,  , OWNER=   Nat Forest
QUALITY >  Pro / Con /  Length of stay 2 days / Rating-star 4 out of 5 stars
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS, hills  / forest / mud  / water crossing