January 18, 2016

Camp Jackson, Blue Mountain, Blanding, Utah 10-18-2015

Blue Mountain, Camp Jackson, Blanding, Utah   20 mi
Larry and Geri rode out on Friday 10-16-15 20 mi.
We staged on the Devils Canyon Campground Road, and rode out on #92, the Lower Bulldog Canyon Trail, Nice sandstone bluffs, some water crossings, ponderosa and white pines.  We turned north on trail #1, which passed thru some aspen. (There is a trail head and restrooms to the right) We turned west/left on the road on #92 and quickly took the Camp Jackson Trail, it is not marked on the sign as a 50" trail, but it is on the map. 

We have found, if it is marked on the map, there is an obstacle down the trail which makes larger OHVs impossible to go.  There was one drop off, built up with some branches, which would be difficult if you were over 52inches.

trail was changeling and beautiful, scrub oak, aspen, pines and long vistas along the way.  We came to a road (Johnson Creek Road) where there was thick aspen and a few hunting cabins.  We rode to the Marvin Tunnel, which is almost covered up by falling dirt and trees, too dangerous to go into. Since there wasn't a way back to our staging area we had to double back on the same trail, but it was just as interesting. 

January 16, 2016

Brenda, Az

  We boondocked near the tiny town of Brenda, East of Quartzsite, Az.  We have been in this area several times, but we always find new trails to ride and great views and finds to see.  A ride to Ray Hoover Memorial.

IMG_1769 IMG_1764
IMG_1792 IMG_1783
IMG_1774 IMG_1778

  The next day we visited some historic petroglyphs, There are 20 in this area. We rode to the huge slice of fault line, which is 30 x 60ft.  To see the St Maria Grotto is quite a site. Many times there will be fresh flowers, candles and silk flowers.  Off we went to the mountain range to the south and tot the Eagles Eye Lookout

IMG_1855 IMG_1871
IMG_1893 IMG_1892
IMG_1902 IMG_1919

Returning back to camp, we passed “Princess Geri Castle”- our name.  Visited a Banded Rhyolite mountain.

IMG_1928 IMG_1930

Day 3, We went to the Black Beauty Mine, the Mule Deer Valley.

IMG_2065 IMG_2066
IMG_2078 IMG_2095

The last day we rode to the Apache Cabin, filled with fun things, laundry out back too. Then we luckily found our way to the Dripping Springs.  This is a really cool place. It was used in the 1880’s during the mining time.  There is water dripping to this day. There ae 100’s of petroglyphs on all the rocks next to the spring.

IMG_2150 IMG_2177
IMG_2181 IMG_2203
IMG_2213 IMG_2218

On the way back to camp, we drove up the mountain with towers on top, boy could we see for miles.