February 26, 2016

Crown King, Az

52 mi- 8 hours

   We hauled our rides to Lake Pleasant, and drove up the Castle Hot Springs Road.  In about 8 miles you will find a large staging / camping area.  This is where we unloaded and started our rise in elevation and outstanding sights.

Lake Pleasant in the background IMG_2572
IMG_2588 IMG_2595
IMG_2623 IMG_2629

The road that we started out on is pretty good most of the way. It does require 4 wheel drive for a vehicle. We  reached a high elevation where the pine trees grow.  It is cooler up here. There are numerous homes and business in Crown  King. There are some Bed & Breakfast here also. Which would be a good way to see the area, since it takes 8 hrs round trip, including lunch.

IMG_2641 IMG_2642
IMG_2662 IMG_2675
IMG_2679 IMG_2688

IMG_2717We all decided to come back here again.

February 20, 2016

Harquahala Mountain 21 miles

Harquahala Mountain ride, from the town of Aguila,  Az. (west of Wickenburg) on hwy 60, we turned south on Eagle Eye road, traveling 18.4 miles turning to the right at the sign of Harquahala By way, staging area. There are placks near the restrooms to learn information about this area.
Historic Harquahala Observatory, 5,681 ft elevation. –10 mi one way, 2 hours
   This mountain is the highest peak in the  SW corner of Arizona. The name comes from Native Americans- "Aha-qua-hala" meaning " water there is, high up"  due to the numerous springs.  Volcanic magma rock formed 900 million yrs ago, and the Sonoran desert floor was a shallow sea bed 100 million years ago.

IMG_2327 IMG_2321
IMG_2348 IMG_2336

This is a 4 wheel drive road with spectacular views all along the way. There are microwave towers at the top, and old buildings.

IMG_2362 IMG_2377
IMG_2382 IMG_2390

After lunch at the top, we took a side trail off to see an old ranching site and a mine.  This was a dead end, but fun checking out the area.

IMG_2404 IMG_2412
IMG_2421 IMG_2428