July 24, 2011

Wallace Idaho

July 24, 2011 -Atv trails, Trail of the Coeur d’ Alene and Route of the Hiawatha bike trail

  Wallace has renowned ATV Jamborees thru out the year, with guided trail rides.  We missed it, but decided to venture out on our own. We camped north of town at Wallace Rv Park, and rode north on to trails.  We found, Dobson Pass trail- 24miles. We stopped for lunch and picked huckleberries for dessert.  Some trails are well used and others are fun to explore.  Some trails are the ATV kind and other will be old logging roads or gravel roads.  The terrain can be steep with wonderful views.  In the woods we found, snow, granite gulches, steep drop offs, vistas, dense forest, creeks, elk and bear tracks.
  You can even ride your atv downtown, or go thru town to other trail heads.  There are several Wallace, Idaho Atv web site on line.

Bear Grass flower

A bear was eating this flower , hence it is what Lewis and Clark named it “Bear Grass” We also rode our bicycles on the Trail of the Coeur d’ Alene. 72 miles of paved paths.

   But the best ride was the Route of the Hiawatha is operated by Lookout Pass Ski Area under a special-use permit of the U.S. Forest Service. Trail users must obtain and display trail passes, which cost $10 for adults and $6 for children aged 6-13 years. You must wear a helmet and have a light for the Taft Tunnel, which is a dark  1.6 miles long.  There are several trestles to ride across.  The grade is an easy 1.7%. If you don't want to ride up hill,  a shuttle bus provides transportation for riders and their bicycles.

                                                                   Looking down from the trestle, to a creek below!


July 18, 2011

Lolo Pass, Montana

JULY 18, 2011
Lolo Hot Springs Campground, Montana, is a historic area, with natural hot springs. Near by attractions are Lewis and Clark State Park, Bernard DeVoto memorial consisting of 500 yr old red cedar trees.
We went to the National Forest Office down the road, and the female at the desk, told us “there are no Atv trails”.  Later on we went back in to look for maps and the male at the desk informed us “That there are no Atv trails,  you can ride Atvs on the back woods roads for several miles”. So be careful who you talk to. We also rode our atvs in this area but found most of the trails were gravel logging road riding. Most went up the forested mountain to old logging roads, which crisscrossed on top. It was still an interesting place to see.
LOCATION:   Nearest city-Lolo   Directions: South of Missoula to Lolo, west on Hwy 12, 28mi
AREA;  Type of Land: mountain, forest  /  Owner:  Nat Forest
QUALITY;  Pro, Con, Length of stay-2-3/ rating-stars-2
TERRAIN;  hills/mountains/forest/, mud, dust, water crossings,elevation  
KEY SERVICES;Camping /, Gasoline / Diesel / First Aid / Water/ Dump / Food= Lolo Hot Spr.

Bernard DeVoto red cedarsForest as far as the eye can see

 Lolo hot springs, Mt July 18, 2011

July 6, 2011


July 6th we drove from Ennis, north to McAllister, to the west, into the Beaverhead National Forest. This area is 40 miles from where Yellowstone Nat. Park. The park service transplants their trouble bears in this area, so we bought Bear Spray in town. It's a wonderful weapon of pepper spray to have; it can work on bears, coyotes, cows, dogs and humans.
The terrain was forest, trails and old logging roads. We did come across fresh bear and cub tracks, even though they were black bear tracks, we turned around.
  Then we went 3 miles, up to Spring Meadow Creek Lake.  Even in July there was snow toward the higher elevations, and cold, clear, mountain streams running.  Along the way you will find an abandoned gold mine. We walked the last 50 ft of the trail, because of the snow. The lake is in a crater, which still had some ice on it, and there were 15ft snowdrifts on the slope. Even though we were out in the "boonies", we met a group of North Carolina folks, fishing for trout. You could even see the trout at the outlet. On the way down, we found bear tracks and scat, and on the tree there were claw marks

that were 6ft high.  We rode on Gravely Mt. Range, 9200ft, oh what views from here! The Gravely Mt. Range is south of Ennis. Most of the riding was gravels roads, with a few trails cutting thru the aspen or spruce forest. You will find cattle roaming on the flat top pastures, range line cabin, mt. snow. We couldn’t see the deer's  body, just the velvet antlers sticking above sagebrush which was 2-3ft tall. We came across a cowboy living in a line shack, heading out on his horse to check the cattle.
Beaverhead Deerlodge NF, Ennis, Mt 7-12

LOCATION:   Nearest city-Ennis, Mt        Directions-Beaverhead Nat. For
Gravely Range-
AREA;  Type of Land:- forest, mountain,  Owner:   Nat Forest
TERRAIN;  Sq miles, Miles of trails, ?hills/forest/, mud,  water crossings,elevation-9,200ft Trail maintence-yes 
KEY SERVICES;Camping / Gasoline / Diesel / First Aid, / Water/  Dump / Food - Ennis
CONTACTS; Nationa Forest Service Office Ennis

crater lakebear print