December 13, 2013

Gustafson & Mauws Month Trip-Drove Trucks 2,000 miles and rode our ATV's 415 miles

December 13, 2013 to January. 12, 2014
1.    Casa Grande, Az
2.    Cross Road, Empire Campground, Parker, Calif.-rode 12 mi.
3.    LaPaz County Campground, Parker Az.-rode 30 mi.
4.    Ron & Yvone Heresford Lot, Golden Valley, Az.-rode 48 mi.
5.    Davis County RV Park, Bullhead City, Az.
6.    Dumont Dunes, Tecopia, Calif.-rode 90 mi.
7.    Lakeside Casino, Pahrump, NV/Las Vegas/Death Valley 2days
8.    Tecopia Palms, Tecopia, Calif.
9.    Rasor OHV, Baker, Calif.-rode 69 mil
10.    Johnson Valley, Lucerne, Calif.-rode 58 mi.
11.    Joshua Tree Lake Campground, Joshua Tree, Calif/toured park
12.    Ocotillio Wells, Salton City, Calif.-rode 91 mi.
13.    Boondocking, Pomosa Rd, Quartzsite, Az.-rode-17 mi
   Larry and Geri and Elmer and Henrietta always wanted to ride in southern Calif. so after some planning, off go!!!

The first stop #1 Cross Road, Empire Campground, Parker, Calif.-rode 12 mi. The only reason we didn’t ride more here was because of the queer regulations. You can camp on the river side of the road, and you can ride on the mountain side of the road, and not camp there. So in order to camp and ride, we would have to load our machines, drive 100ft or more, and unload!!!!!!   So off we went up the dirt mountains, around some old mining roads. It was like riding on a rollercoaster, but we found an Oasis in the middle of the desert landscape. Palm tree galore and a bubbling stream running thru this small valley.

us, riv bk cp rv bk
stadging P1020648
Mt view up the hill
P1020619 P1020626
   Oasis, in the middle of all this rock.  Wild life come to the cool shade and water.                       
mt & P trees palm trees

December 5, 2013

Stage Station and Homestead, Eloy, Arizona

  Another trip to the Eloy area of Newman Mountains, parking is by this old water tower. We found an old Stage Station and Homestead.  The old fence made of mesquite is still in place for the Stage horses as is the building or home. This was a very interesting area to see. Check out the balancing rock at the bottom, most of it is sitting on a few pebbles!
water tank stage stop
mesquite corrall sign
P1020574 P1020565
P1020568 P1020569
Several times in our travels we have come across water stations for wildlife.  The BLM will place these funnels to collect the water and the animals can get to the access.
game water funnel game water
cactus  point P1020563
sag skeleton A saguaro can produce 40 million seeds during its life. The saguaro tiny seed can survive under a nursery plant like this Palo Verde tree (Always Green). The cacti grows slowly under the shade and protection from the sun and frost. Then the Palo Verde tree dies off. Adult saguaro live for 80-125 years, weighing 6 tons  This saguaro has died, shed off it’s tough outer layer. So all that remains is the light wood ribs!