July 18, 2011

Lolo Pass, Montana

JULY 18, 2011
Lolo Hot Springs Campground, Montana, is a historic area, with natural hot springs. Near by attractions are Lewis and Clark State Park, Bernard DeVoto memorial consisting of 500 yr old red cedar trees.
We went to the National Forest Office down the road, and the female at the desk, told us “there are no Atv trails”.  Later on we went back in to look for maps and the male at the desk informed us “That there are no Atv trails,  you can ride Atvs on the back woods roads for several miles”. So be careful who you talk to. We also rode our atvs in this area but found most of the trails were gravel logging road riding. Most went up the forested mountain to old logging roads, which crisscrossed on top. It was still an interesting place to see.
LOCATION:   Nearest city-Lolo   Directions: South of Missoula to Lolo, west on Hwy 12, 28mi
AREA;  Type of Land: mountain, forest  /  Owner:  Nat Forest
QUALITY;  Pro, Con, Length of stay-2-3/ rating-stars-2
TERRAIN;  hills/mountains/forest/, mud, dust, water crossings,elevation  
KEY SERVICES;Camping /, Gasoline / Diesel / First Aid / Water/ Dump / Food= Lolo Hot Spr.

Bernard DeVoto red cedarsForest as far as the eye can see

 Lolo hot springs, Mt July 18, 2011

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