February 26, 2016

Crown King, Az

52 mi- 8 hours

   We hauled our rides to Lake Pleasant, and drove up the Castle Hot Springs Road.  In about 8 miles you will find a large staging / camping area.  This is where we unloaded and started our rise in elevation and outstanding sights.

Lake Pleasant in the background IMG_2572
IMG_2588 IMG_2595
IMG_2623 IMG_2629

The road that we started out on is pretty good most of the way. It does require 4 wheel drive for a vehicle. We  reached a high elevation where the pine trees grow.  It is cooler up here. There are numerous homes and business in Crown  King. There are some Bed & Breakfast here also. Which would be a good way to see the area, since it takes 8 hrs round trip, including lunch.

IMG_2641 IMG_2642
IMG_2662 IMG_2675
IMG_2679 IMG_2688

IMG_2717We all decided to come back here again.

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