November 1, 2010

Royal Blue, Pioneer, Tennessee

November 2010

We visited Ride Royal Blue, an ATV resort and campground, in the beautiful Cumberland Mountains in Campbell County, eastern Tennessee,along the Kentucky state line. Mountain elevations vary from 820 feet to 3,350 feet above sea level. The terrain includes gracefully rolling hills with a gorgeous green valley bordered by a clear creek called Stinking Creek Ride Royal Blue ATV Guest Ranch connects to the Tennessee Wildlife Management Area called Royal Blue and Sundquist. It offers over 600 miles of trails covering 200,000 acres. Open for riders of ATV, mountain bikes. 

   We stayed in the campground; there are utilities for your rig and long sites.  We had a map from the office and went out exploring. The next day we met a local man, who is a trail guide, so off we went!  The guide knew the area like the back of his hand; he would stop on the trail, take us off a few feet and found interesting places. The trail is thru the hardwood forest. Half the leaves were on the trees, and the other half were on the ground, dancing behind the atvs as we traveled along. There are hills to climb, and vistas at the top of sandstone cliffs.  Our rule: "If you can't see, don't go", fits this area well.  There were many 1.000 ft drop off cliffs. We drove through and around hard bottom creeks.  We also saw the most beautiful waterfall, it was only 12 ft tall, but there were 3 inch steps, all the way down, which made a white cascade!

  It was also hunting season, and there are requirements for wearing orange hats and vests.

Royal Picturesque cabins combine rustic beauty with the comforts of home /Spacious and well-equipped RV sites are great for getaways and long-term stays /Trail system open 24/7 and night riding allowed. /Bask in the warmth of our Tennessee stone fireplace and find a cozy place to rest in our mountain lodge /Bring your rod and reel for our great fishing spots /Experience hearty Southern breakfasts that are as unique as they are delicious

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