January 13, 2013

Barry Goldwater , Yuma, Az

Barry Goldwater , Yuma, Az
Jan. 13, 2013
  Barry Goldwater Air force Base, is south of Interstate 8, and you need a permit to ride in this area. You will need to stop at the Air Force Base,  in Yuma and have your title of your OHV, Drivers License, proof of ins.  On the days you will ride, you must call the number and report it. When you are out riding, you might see U.S. Border Patrol out there. You might see some illegals.
  There was a map to follow thru the desert on trails and roads, we even came across old spent shells, and army tanks.  Down one trail we found a mock middle eastern town, with buildings, train tracks and helicopter.

P1010057-001 us at golwater range
P1010065-001 tank, atv
P1010053-001 barrell
ilgloo do not enter
70 degrees temps for January was great.  Day trip of 40 miles, we saw Betty Lee Mine, a natural water tank and a hollowed out rock, which resembles an igloo.  The DANGER sign was at the entrance, but this was the area we had a permit to ride into??!!

LOCATION>   NEAREST CITY=Tucna   DIRECTIONS=South of Interstate 8
AREA >   TYPE OF LAND=-desert  , OWNER=  Barry Goldwater Air force Base
QUALITY >  Pro many trails / Con-you must get the permit and call, could be dangerous with illegals, long distances /  Length of stay 2 / Rating-stars 3 of 5
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS, hills / dunes / forest / mud / dust / water crossing /elevation     TRAIL MAINTENCE   / SQ. MILE AREA -/  NEAR BY TRAILS- 
REGULATIONS> Permit required-yes, but no cost / Camping at RV park .
FEE>  Entry-must have permit $0
KEY SERVICES> Camping / Gasoline / Diesel / First Aid /  Water /  Dump / Food=
SIDE TRIPS>Yuma Territory Prison, Date Farm

P1010009 yuma prison
Yuma Territory Prison, Yuma, Az

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