November 21, 2013

Newman Mt, Eloy, Arizona-

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   We left Casa Grande, Az. and drove 40 miles to Eloy, the skydiving capitol of USA.  This is a diverse area to ride through. There are Petroglyphs on several peaks and rock piles.  The Beer Memorial and the Memorial for Lt. James L Hart  (1947-1975) joined the U. S. Air Force in 1973 and served with the 96th Flying Training Squadron as an instructor pilot. On March 21, 1975, Second Lieutenant Hart was flying out of Williams Air Force Base with a student pilot. When the plane malfunctioned just south of Coolidge, Arizona, Jim stayed with the plane so that his student could bail out and parachute safely to the ground. Unfortunately, this delay in exiting the aircraft allowed the plane to crash and cost Jim his life.   There are numerous trails around this area, be watchful for or immigrants passing thru.
many pet. lar chola

The Petroglyphs                                                      Very tall Cholas, Larry showing size
beer memor
bloom sag cactus in a row
Blooming Saguaro uncommon in November
Lt. James L Hart Memorial
Saguaro cactus all in a row, unusual
Memorial cross and plane scrapes

words memorial
P1020480 prickley pear needle
P1020469 sag stump


The above saguaro had one trunk, split into 2, then 4, then each branch had 2 branches each, never seen this before! Prickly Pear cacti with 3in long spines.  Our gang of riders for the day.  The last bottom photo is looking down on a saguaro skeleton, which had been cut off, it is illegal to cut or take any cactus from the desert
  Movie of Beer Gardens
LOCATION> South of Casa Grande, Az,  NEAREST CITY=Eloy, Az   DIRECTIONS=North on 87
AREA >   TYPE OF LAND=-desert  , OWNER=  BLM,                                             QUALITY >  Pro-many different sights to see / Con /  Length of stay 1 day / Rating-stars 3 out of 5
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS, hills / dust / desert    TRAIL MAINTENCE   / SQ. MILE AREA -/  NEAR BY TRAILS-Florence, Box Canyon 
REGULATIONS> Permit required / Camping /whip / helmets req. / width req.
FEE> Camping / Entry
KEY SERVICES> Camping Picacho Peak, or Casa Grande, Az / Gasoline- Eloy / Diesel-Eloy / First Aid-Casa Grande  /  Water- Eloy /  Dump-Casa Grande / Food=Eloy

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