May 11, 2017

Thompson Springs, Utah 35 miles

We camped at Ballard Rv Park in Thompson’s Springs, Utah, elevation 4200ft. and rode our ATV's out to Thompson Springs Canyon. It is 3 miles on a older tar road.

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When the tar ends, there is a Hidden Arch on the right in a wash. The petroglyphs are on the left, where you will find a parking area and a out house  There are 3 separate areas, two on the left side of the road and one on the right side.  Sego Canyon Road,  where the petroglyphs and pictographs were left by several different cultures. The Fremont culture thrived from A.D. 600 to 1250 and was a contemporary with the Anasazi culture of the Four Corners area. There is also rock art from the Archaic period dating from 7000 B.C., the Barrier Canyon period from around 2000 B.C., and the Ute tribe dating from A.D. 1300..

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We continued on the road to a 3 way split in the road, the straight ahead is a nice ride to a area where you will find a coke oven, dead road.  If you take the left at the 3 way split it is a bladed road.  If you want to go to Doug's Point, take the 3rd trail to the left.  Keep going back in, towards the south, and you will find a monument marker stating it is Doug's point with a 1,000 ft drop to the valley below, great views from here.
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If you take the right at the 3 way split, to will pass by an old cemetery, then head on to Sego, an old coal town.  If you continue on you will rise in elevation to 7,000 ft where you will pass thru ponderosa pines and come to the Ute Reservation gate.
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GPS # Indian Petroglyphs N39*01.119'  W 109*42.578'
Hidden Valley  N39*01.084'  W109*42.507'
Doug’s point:  N 38*59.093'  W 109*43.208'
Cemetery  N39*01.410'  W109*42.649'

LOCATION>   NEAREST CITY=Green River, Utah   DIRECTIONS=15 miles west of Thompson Springs, Ut
AREA >   TYPE OF LAND=-desert, forest, mountain  , OWNER=  BLM, Nat Forest
QUALITY >  Pro –easy road riding, book cliffs/ Con –4 wheel road riding/  Length of stay 4 days/ Rating-3 stars
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS, hills / forest / dust /some elevation     TRAIL MAINTENCE   / SQ. MILE AREA -/  NEAR BY TRAILS- Moab, Ut
REGULATIONS> Permit required-No / Campin g at Ballard Rv /whip-No / helmets req.-No / width req. No
FEE> Camping / Entry-No
KEY SERVICES> Camping , Water, Dump, Gasoline,  Diesel – in Thompson Springs, Ut / First Aid, Food=Green River, Ut
SIDE TRIPS>Moab, Green River, Ut
CONTACTS>Blm and Info on internet

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