August 19, 2011


AUG 19, 2011
  We camped at Country Junction RV Park, Challis, Id, right across the street from Land of the Yankee Fork State Park-a atv park!  We rode the Lombard Trail, up the mountain to 8,500ft. The trail is on the side of the mountain, which is open, and then you ride into the forest, with a bird's eye view, of the crater which Challis sits in, an old volcano! That weekend the State Park sponsored a atv ride, up over the mountain to Dead Horse St Park, where we were feed hamburgers and hotdogs and fix'ins. We could choose the difficulty of trail for the return run, which brought us to some old mining buildings. We met the head of Idaho's State Parks, and we told her "This is why we are in Idaho to ride atv's on your trails" She replied "There's room for all outdoor activities types" Bless her heart!
We also found 3 more atv areas to ride around Challis.


LOCATION>   NEAREST CITY=Challis, Id   DIRECTIONS=Fork of 75 & 93
AREA >   TYPE OF LAND=- mountain, forest, dry bottom land  , OWNER=   Challis Nat Forest & State Park
QUALITY >  Pro-conveient and marked / Con /  Length of stay -5 days / Rating-stars-5 out of 5
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS, hills / dunes / forest / mud / dust / water crossing /elevation-8500     TRAIL MAINTENCE  - yes 
KEY SERVICES> Camping / Gasoline / Diesel / First Aid /  Water /  Dump / Food= Challis, Id
SIDE TRIPS>   Drive down Salmon River
Coke ovens

Challis, Idaho

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  1. Awesome, Geri...we'll be following your blog! Loved your photos. Bev & Jim


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