September 29, 2011

Fillmore & Marysvale, Utah

  Paiute Trail
Sept 29, 2011
   Have you ever heard of the Paiute Trail?  It is one of the longest atv trails in central Utah. You can travel the whole 900 miles and stay at cabins along the way!
  We started out at the KOA out of Fillmore Utah, where we rode right out of camp, up over the mountain. Oh, the huge aspen were in full fall color.  At the top of the mountain range, it is quite flat with a road running the full length.  We even rode down the other side into Richfield for lunch. Driving right on the busy streets with our atv’s.   No seemed to care.  We rode from the valley floor of 5,000 ft. to heights of 10,000 ft.  We spent couple of days exploring the mountain, wearing orange vest and caps since it was hunting season, but we didn't see many hunters.


  Then we headed down to Marysvale, to Gregg and Connie's Pine Creek Cabins, and met up with our gang.  There are RV sites and cabins with linens and frig, etc.  It did snow 4 inches the day before, but melted by the next day.  We were riding on hill tops, aspen along the trail to Barney Lake. We also tried to ride on a pass which goes over the top, but we were turned around by snow at the top, 11,111 ft elevation.  We also went over to Freemont Indian State Park and Mus.   Many trails and maps to gather.

This is what happens when you can’t see the deep crevice in the snow and roll over, s l o w l y !

  Near Fillmore we went to the Lava tubes and passed by Big Candy Rock Mountain, Marysvale

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