November 19, 2012

Enduro Camp, Carvens, La

 Enduro Camp, Cravens, La

Nov. 19, 2012
  At this campground, you can park where you would like, under mature pine trees. The trails start right at camp.  The area is sandy, hilly, forested with hardwoods and pine. We left at 9am and returned by 4pm, and only went 20 miles. We rode on the Mogual trail, thru mud pits, bottom lands, watching out for wild hogs that are rutting, looking for acorns. Beware, they can be dangerous!  We came across a Retired Sargent Major, Pete Jones, from the near by Fort Polk Army Base.  He volunteers' his time picking up garbage on the trail (such a shame, people throw out cans and paper in the woods). He was a wealth of information about the area.
  Next day we rode the Fullerton trail to the Fullerton Cemetery, and back on the Enduro trail, 30 miles. When we arrived on a Monday, there was only 2 campers, by Wednesday, it grew to 30 campers.  It was Thanksgiving week, and the folks from New Orleans, come north to make it a week of riding in the woods. They were so friendly, and invited us right into their group to share their food and watch football!  We still keep in touch!

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AREA >   TYPE OF LAND=- forest  , OWNER=   Nat Forest
QUALITY >  Pro-marked trails, nice scenery / Con- would like more miles of trails /  Length of stay 2-3/ Rating-stars3 out of 5
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS, hills / forest / mud  / water crossing /     TRAIL MAINTENCE   / SQ. MILE AREA -/  NEAR BY TRAILS-  yes
REGULATIONS> Permit required for riding $5 per machine
FEE> Camping –$0

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