November 17, 2012

Loran/Claiborne, Forest Hills, La

Loran/Claiborne, Forest Hills, La
Nov 17, 2012
   This is a very nice campground, at least 30 large sites, pine trees, picnic tables, firegrills, firepits and vault toliets. There is a fee for camping and riding the trails. There is also a large parking area for staging.   Since hunting season was on, we wore orange vests and caps.  The temps were 65 and low of 45 degrees, and foliage in full color
  The area has sand, large pine trees, hardwoods, small rolling hills and well marked trails
Camp Claiborne is also an old World War II army camp. The trails make several loops, with no riding off trails.

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AREA >   TYPE OF LAND=- forest , OWN= Nat Forest
QUALITY >  Pro marked, scenic trails / Con- not many miles /  Lenght of stay 1-2 days   RATINGS 2-3 out of 5 stars

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