January 21, 2014


70 miles

   We staged at the Diversion Dam at Florence, Az. Luckily we had a guide to take us across the desert towards the radio towers and down to the Gila River. Today it was easy to cross, but in the past it has been to deep to get across. It depends how much water they let out of the dams, which is unpredictable. In the Charles Wells book, for Walnut Canyon, you can ride in from highway 60 or from Florence. It made a loop, so we rode both ways. There are also a lot of trails not marked, and we are not sure where they all go. We made it to the top and had a great lunch room view! There are many washes and mountain to wind around. Awesome senses and colors too. 70 miles

P1030135 P1030111
P1030112 (640x427) Note the 4 OHVs in photo, Area is very large
P1030120 P1030110
P1030115 P1030131
P1030117 P1030133


LOCATION>   NEAREST CITY=Florence, Az   DIRECTIONS=4 mi out on Diversion Dam Rd
AREA >   TYPE OF LAND=-desert, river crossing, mountain  , OWNER=  BLM               QUALITY >  Pro- diverse terrain, great sights / Con-none /  Length of stay 1 day, other trails near by / Rating-stars- 3 out of 5
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS, this one trail 70 mi / hills / dust / water crossing /elevation     TRAIL MAINTENCE   / SQ. MILE AREA -/  NEAR BY TRAILS- Numerous
REGULATIONS> Permit required- No / Camping- RV parks in town or Boondocking in the area /whip- no / helmets req.-no / width req.- no                                                                             FEE> Camping / Entry-No

KEY SERVICES> Camping / Gasoline / Diesel / First Aid /  Water /  Dump / Food=Florence, Az
SIDE TRIPS>Box Canyon, Marteniza Wash, Coke Ovens

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