January 28, 2014

Salome, Arizona

Jan 28, 2014- Feb 29 2014,
There are tremendous amounts of trails around Salome. In fact, there are so many, it is hard to find the one you want.  Some of the interesting places to see is: Cactus in the Cave, Petroglyphs, Indian grinding stones, Harquahala mines, Chinese mine graves, Prison Rock, General Patton Pass and an old dug out home.
  We took a 23 mile ride on the north side of Hwy 60, nice riding, cactus, and you will find a mine every mile.  If you get a chance to come Salome, you will find many trails north and south of highway 60. There’s enough shops in town to get what you need.

Here are some interesting places to check out as you ride thru the desert, washes, and mountain climbing and numerous mines.
South of hwy 60:  Cactus in the cave 33*39'24N  113*39'22W
Needles Mine (King Tut) 33*40"55N 113*34'10W
Golden Eagle Mine 33*40'48N   113*35'02W
Chinese Graves (Harquaharla Mine) 33*48'29N   113*35'30W
Highway Petroglyphs 33*44'56N   113*40'19W
Hotdog Hill 33*42'25N  113*37"46W
Hope Look Out 33*44'33N  113*39'07W
(Memorial Hill) 33*42'15N  113*37'34W
North of hwy 60: Desert Hill Petroglyphs 33*48'13N  113*40'57W
Cave house 33*53'13N   113*40'10W
      26 miles Monday, February 10, 2014, Our good friends who like to visit us when we find new and interesting places to ride, came to Salome, Az. for some outstanding rides. On the first day we took a atv ride west to the Petroglyphs(right off Hwy 60), then west to the Zoo Tree.!!!! Then we rode the wash south, around, and up a wash to a graded road, we then took some trails across country and came on one of the best trails. It was along the bottom of the mountains, with ocotillos, flowering bushes.

Petryoclyph rock P1030180
P1030441 P1030271


        40 miles, Tuesday Feb 11th 2014.  We headed right of the KOA campground, north under the trestle and towards the mountain, picked up a trail. Nice trails went past an old cactus turning brown, full of bees, dripping with liquid. Over to the petroglyphs in the desert, up to Prison Rock(aka Indian Springs, Jail House Rock, Granite Quarry)Back in the 1800's Yuma prisoners were brought to this site to excavate granite for the court house building in Yuma.  We looked in the cave where the prisoners slept at night, there use to be bars on the opening. You can adventure around and see interesting rocks, left over granite, that still have cut marks on it and an old iron rings to excavate the granite. After a lunch break we got back on the trail north to Tank Pass, this is a summit lookout.  This area was used with General Patton during WWII. He was training tanks to take to north Africa, they were known to have target practice at the saguaros. We then took one of many turns to explore the Cave House. This area was first used by the Indians because the creek passed right in front of the cave, down to a waterfall and pool. Of course, now there is no water. Then the Spanish explorers came thru this are looking for gold. Then in 1920's a family with 3 children lived and mined here. There is a mother-in-law cave north a little from the big one.(She actually lived here) Then on up to another summit with a good view of the valley and Salome. As you come down this small road look for the stones placed on the edge, General Patton's troops made this trails also.

P1030144 P1030193
P1030147 P1030148
P1030204 P1030206
P1030286 P1030297
P1030809 (2) P1030436

         Wednesday, 40 miles.  Our gang headed out of KOA camp, west to Hole in the Wall, down a neat wash to Hope Look Out. Great view of the desert floor. Then a short ride to Picnic Point, same view as Hope Look Out, but there is a fire grill and table. Then we found a wash which goes across the mountain toward Hotdog Hill. We had a great view and lunch. Over to (Memorial Hill), down the hill, south, east in a wash over to the Harqauhala Mine. There we looked at the Adobe building and the Chinese Cemetery. We went north and east to the wash before Golden Eagle Mine. The was was fun, some plants were blooming, great rock formations, some tricky spots, then we hopped out after  3 miles and veered left toward the mountains and made our way back to Salome. The desert was green with grass growing and the octillio blooming. We could easily see the Needles Peak and mountains. Came across 2 groups out enjoying this beautiful day. 75*
P1030323 (2) P1030320
P1030167 P1030172
P1030237 P1030241
P1030334 (2) snake
P1030330 P1030246

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