February 18, 2014

Kofa ride(King of Arizona) Hope, Arizona

Feb, 18, 2014
80 miles    US Fish & Wildlife Service / Kofa Nat. Wildlife Refuge Map.  The trails/roads are well marked.  No off trail riding allowed (Signs are posted, huge fine, there are minimal trails, so it is easy to follow the maps) Caution: This area was included in the desert military training exercises conducted by General Patton during World War II, Unexploded ordinances may be encountered. DO NOT PICK IT UP, report the location to Law Enforcement.

P1030353 P1030363
P1030360 Wilbank
P1030372 P1030401
P1030377 P1030390
P1030394 P1030403
We drove over to the Vicksburg Junction on Hwy 60 and 72, south to Interstate 10, south to a large parking lot. There we staged our trailers, unloaded and rode south. At the intersections you can find a wooden post with a number which corresponds to the number on the map.  We drove down the Kofa Manganese Road.  Stopping at the Craven Well, a wildlife water hole Water is scarce, and these watering holes support 400-800 Bighorn Sheep in the refuge. Over the Red Rock Pass, seeing a few mines along the way. In the past they mined silver and lead, gold?.  Then we turned west at intersection #36 to see the Hoodoo Cabin, Each of these cabins in this area are set up for you to spend the night. Riding up the wash we came across the Wilbank Cabin, where a family set up a ranch in 1931 because of the lush grass. Then the drought and depression came and ended their dream.  We passed many mines, interesting rock formation mountains and a wash with some water in it. At the Kofa Cabin, the placket noted this one was built in the late 1930's by a Native American CCC. There you will find a cement floor, 2 cots, some water and a visitor sign in book. We noticed someone from Victoria Australia visited this remote cabin!

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