March 17, 2014

Congress, Arizona

   We took a ride up the Hassayampa River to see Jim Fox, Hassayampa Jim, (he is on the internet), our group shared our lunch with him and he told us stories and how he manages out there in the middle of nowhere. He has a generator for this satellite tv and radio. In the winter he has folks stopping by on their atv's and brings him the Pepsi he likes! The river had some water in the one spot for 1 mile. We went past the Box Canyon.

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March 3-5th 2014  The Dirt Devils came to town for our group ride. The first day we went to Indian rock, North of Congress. Day 2 we drove to Stanton to see the old mining town from 1886, gold was laying on the ground as big as potatoes. Up the old Stage coach road to Yarnell. This is the town that burned June 2013, and 19 men lost their lives fighting the forest fire. We toured the famous St Joseph Shrine, which was slightly burned by the fire. Came back thru the old deserted town of Weaver, but the cemetery is still there.

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Day 3 we went to the Hassayampa River to the Box Canyon, where we found some old foundations at the base of huge Salt Cedar Trees. We drove up the River, where you can actually fine a small amount of water. Majority of time the river is dry, except this one area. We cut cross country on one of the many trails back to North Ranch Campground near Congress, Az.

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