March 26, 2014

Camp Date Creek, Congress, Az

   We rode out of Congress, past Indian House Rock, around to the northwest. The trail is at the base of the mountains on the desert floor. Then it rises on an old road to the top of the mountain pass, what a wonderful view from there. At the top the road forks, the right goes back towards Congress and the left trail heads toward the old Camp Date Creek. The only remains are some foundations, a flattened parade area. You will also find a canyon of lava rock with the creek running at the bottom and a few minnows!

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Camp Date Creek was a small post who's purpose was to guard the road between Prescott and Ehrenburg between 1868 and 1874. There were two companies of the 14th infantry stationed here and rumor has it they spent more time fixing the buildings than chasing Indians. They also prospected in their spare time and were instrumental in starting the Martinez district.
Eggs cost $2.50 a dozen, and kerosene five dollars a galloon. Just prior to Mrs. Boyd’s arrival kerosene had been $11.00 a gallon. Flour, which was priced at $5.00 a barrel in San Francisco, could be secured from Prescott at $25.00 a barrel. Oranges, available from peddlers, were $.25 apiece.

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On the return trip, we check out some old mines, saw a few cattle and watched the air force practice flight with flares. There were many flowers blooming and the large rocks in this valley are beautiful We found fingers mountain and saw some large boulders which have rolled down the mountain.

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  1. Hello my name is Christoper N. Cooper, was wondering is there anyone out there that would give me an tour of Camp Date Creek, sometime or who could I contact to do so? I am Retired Archaeologist, moved here from Missouri. And I am wanting to learn more about Arizona Military Camps and Forts across this this state of Arizona! Thanks for your time! or


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