April 5, 2014

Bull Canyon, Apache Junction

   We camped at Lost Dutchman State Park, in Apache Junction, you can also go out of Usary or Wolverine gates also. We went to the north on Hwy 88, 1 mile to the locked gate. When you want to ride you have to get a free  permit from the USNF, and on the permit you will find the padlock combination numbers for the lock. Horses use this trail also
  We rode 40 miles, most of the trail is a 4x4 road, 1/3 rocky. The legal trails are marked with numbered post, large fine for off trail riding.

P1030844 P1030846
P1030847 P1030848
P1030860 P1030863
P1030867 P1030843

   We started at Hwy 88 , Trail # 3514 over to Wolverine gate,Trail # 10 up thru Bull Canyon to gate at Bush Hwy. 13 mi. Came back to the wash and rode in a sandy wash/trail (trail # 3556) to Usary gate. This was a interesting loopy, scenic trail. 4.5 miles one way. The main trail has mountains on each side with lava rock and lime green lichen on some mountains.
This is not one of the best trails, but it was in the area and we enjoyed it.


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