April 14, 2014

Moab, Utah

   We are Boon docking on Hwy 191N. Mile Marker 141, on Mill Canyon Rd, there is a staging area and just 1/2 mile past, there is a camping area. No bathrooms, only self-contained campers.
25 miles
Day 1 Dinosaur Bones= We rode the wash to the wet creek bed to see the dinosaur bones buried in the creek bank. The creek bed is 30ft tall, and weather has eroded away the  dirt so you can see the bones in the dirt. Rib, back, leg bones. There is even a petrified Pine Tree which stood 100ft tall

P1030907 P1030906

P1030902 P1030910
P1030909 P1030913

Halfway Stage Stop= Along another creek, you will find 1/2 walls of an old stone building. This would of been between the railroad and the town of Moab. By the new road we are 14 miles from town. In 1883 it took 8hrs to go to the town of Moab!
Tusher Tunnel=Once again we rode to the entrance, took the small hike to the entrance, walked thru, looking up to see daylight thru a crack, then exit the tunnel to another world.

P1030924 GOPR0267
P1030927 P1030931
GOPR0275 (3) P1030932

Tusher Canyon-This is a Dead End trail, but so beautiful. On both sides of the Canyon, you will see red and white limestone, cliffs and walls. There is a small sand dune at the end.

GOPR0885 P1030936
P1030934 P1030939
Dead End Trail- This trail goes back quite a way with a horseshoe red sandstone wall at the end.
Determination Towers= As we came upon the Towers, our breath was taken away. So big and tall, red stone and patterns on the side walls. Always a place to take some photos.
P1030957 P1030956
Wipe out hill for Jeeps=This is a 100 ft climb for Jeeps to changle themselves. The time we were there, it was the annual Easter Jeep Rally, there was 30 jeeps watching rigs crawl up this hill. We rarely saw anyone on the trails.
We ended the ride by going over the slickrock and around Merrimute Butte and coming out on the Colton Rd, almost back to our Camping site on Mill Canyon Rd.

P1030963 P1030959
P1030958 GOPR0349

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