April 15, 2014

Moab, Utah- part 2

The second day on the our 5th time in Moab, we rode 48 miles. Years ago we purchased Charles Wells ATV guide book on Moab, Utah.  It is great to have to plan the rides and get to the locations you want  We rode to Bartlet Wash, Hidden Canyon, Hells Revenge , Dellenbaugh Tunnell, Needles, Secret Spire and the Dubinky Well. 

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P1030992 P1030977
The area is diverse with desert plants, sand trails, slick rock, old sea shore petrified, white and pink sandstone.
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GOPR0934 100_5065
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You need a map to navigate this large area.

P1030989 P1030988
P1030980 100_5053

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