November 11, 2014

Durhamtown Plantation Sportsman Resort, Union Point Georgia,

Camping fee plus a full day pass for the resort $25 for male rider, $20 for female rider or half day pass starting at 2pm $20 male and $15 female
The resort is designed for motocross dirt bikes.  There are trails, and separate tracks, a beginner course, hill climbing and a speedway and a race track it even has starting lights.  The trails are mapped, well marked and groomed and most are one-way trail. Majority of the trails are road like, built for dirt bikes. There was one 1 1/2 mile trail meant for atvs. One third of the trails were closed for hunting season and logging. The east trails run thru some nice forest, but that may change after the logging.  The west trails had been logged.

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Nov 10,  20 miles   The trails are not adventures, but built with humps and bumps and speed for the dirt bikes. Most of the trail is hard packed, but some are sugar sand and very dusty.  We did have an eight point buck run across the trail.

IMG_3698 IMG_3706
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Nov 11,  18 miles   We headed for the east side trails, which run thru more forest, very nice.  We saw 6 does in the creek bottom. We rode on trail I, which was for experienced rider, but it was more like a normal atv trail. Then we had to ride half the previous days trails to get out to the trailhead, as all the trails are one way, only one exit!

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IMG_3714 IMG_3692

  At the Lodge, is where you pay for camping and trail pass, there is a Bevelyn’s restaurant, with changing open hours, a rental machine office, a small store for parts and tires, several wash bays for your machine and a laundry.
  We did not enjoy the riding, as it is set up for motocross dirt bikes.  They advertise 150 miles of trails, but you have to run over them several times to ride them all. As for the 8,000 acres, we probably rode on 400 acres.

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