October 30, 2014

Mine Made Paradise Adventure ATV, Lebrun, Ky

We rode 38 miles.

       Mine Made Paradise is an old coal mine mountain top, restored back to grass, roads and forest. We camped at the Mine Made Paradise campground off of county road 1098.(right at the trail head) You will find w/e sites.  The elk usually come into the field  near the campground, but while we were there,  they didn't come to visit.

Mine Made Paradise IMG_3484 IMG_3489
      Kentucky has the same type of trail system as in West Virginia.  The first part of the trail is road riding until you get to the forest.   The trails are marked well, but some of the roads,  are not marked, so they are confused with the ones your looking for. No beavers, but a dam!

IMG_3491IMG_3519 IMG_3510-001

    There are water holes to go thru, but the bottom is hard, therefore it isn't so muddy.   There are numerous creeks and overlooks/ There are about 70 miles of trails, 3 different difficulties.              

We enjoyed crossing the creeks and the views.  We tried the black-difficult trails, and had to turn around twice, on the trail #86 had a bad wash out right at a shelf.  The other trail #83 had a steep hill with a severe wash out in it.  We did come down #87, and had to come down a 2ft shelf, we held down the back end of the ATV, so it didn't tip up.

IMG_3492 IMG_3494
IMG_3529 IMG_3516

  We enjoyed the trail in the creek, trail #86.  The blue trails are fun, not easy, but enjoyable. We didn't meet anyother riders, but it was Thursday. We came to one intersection and the ground was littered with acorns!  It was a great day of riding, sunshine, fall foliage, and one deer.

IMG_3511 IMG_3509
IMG_3513 IMG_3525

LOCATION>   NEAREST CITY= Garrett, Ky  DIRECTIONS=Turn on  county rd. 1098, 2 mi/ Turn L on Elk View drive/ go 1/4 mi, turn L on Sutton Memorial / Drive in campground on L.
AREA >   TYPE OF LAND= forest, mountain  , OWNER=Private  QUALITY >  Pro- Marked trails, variety of terrain, campground at trail head (No cabins) / Con /  Length of stay1-2 days / Rating-3 out of 5 stars
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS-70 miles of  hills /  forest / mud / dust / water crossing /elevation         TRAIL MAINTENCE –yes  /   NEAR BY TRAILS- Daniel Boone ATV Trails, Hyden, Ky
REGULATIONS> Permit required-No / Camping-Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park /whip-No / helmets req.-no / width req.-No
FEE> Camping  $30/ Entry-No
KEY SERVICES> Camping / Gasoline / Diesel / First Aid /  Water /  Dump / Food=
CONTACTS>304-784-1981 or 859-609-1288

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