October 22, 2014

Indian Ridge East Trail, Hatfield and McCoy, Ashland, or North fork, WV

15mi  http://trailsheaven.com/Plan-Your-TRIP/Choose-a-Trail/Indian-Ridge.aspx
Easiest (Green):  18%
More Difficult (Blue):  46%
Most Difficult (Black):  25%

  We are camping at Ashland Resort, named after the Ashland Minning Company and company town. In the 1880's they mined coal, at one time there were 10,000 people here. It had changed over the 70 years. Until it closed in 1950's. The company store is still standing along with a few homes.   There’s a nice info kiosk across from this store.

IMG_3467 IMG_3469

We rode right out of camp onto trail #12. Even though camp is full and there is approximately 100 OHV, we only came across 3 riders. That is because there are 3 major trails, with 60-100 miles each.   The terrain is fun, hilly, trails on the outer mountain side, muddy holes, sandstones ledges, and leaves falling at every turn.

IMG_3379 IMG_3390

   There were some odd things we came across, a large culvert, standing vertical and 20ft tall, must be for overflow, over the bank. A tin sided shack, nothing inside. Several PVC 12" around pipe, coming out of the bottom of the mountain, draining with water.  Later we learned that the town at the valley, pumps their sewer up the mountain into manmade wet lands, then the water slowly drain down thru the soil.

IMG_3357 IMG_3360
IMG_3339IMG_3336 IMG_3343
   Their were great views on top, we even saw the campground a few times.  Most of the trails are groomed, but once in a while, you will find a deep mud hole! I rode thru one, almost got stuck, but luckly I was in 4 wheel drive, and slowly made it out!
IMG_3340 IMG_3352
IMG_3368 IMG_3372
IMG_3366 IMG_3362
   It was a nice day, the sun came out.  We follow the maps, so we could ride all the trails. Once again we didn't ride the black trails, as we were told they were very steep.

IMG_3354 IMG_3358
IMG_3364 IMG_3348

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