October 26, 2014

Pinnacle Creek Trail, Hatfield and McCoy, Ashland & North fork, WV

We rode 58 miles –Out of this campground we rode Pinnacle Creek, Indian Ridge and Pocahontas


Easiest (Green):  33%
More Difficult (Blue):  41%
Most Difficult (Black):  8%

      Today, Sunday, most of the campers left the Ashland resort to head home. It was pretty quiet. Throughout the whole day we only saw 12 riders.  We took the shortcut toward town, on County Road 17, 7 miles and turned on trail #20,  This is the Pinnacle Creek Connector. (You may ride the Indian Ridge trail to this Trail head, but this way cuts off an hour)

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This is the rockiest trail we've rode on out of the three trails in this area, less mud, climbing trails and quite diverse.  After the first few miles, we came to a corner, "No Trails" sign, and there was an older cemetery, but a recent burial as of March 2014.   Cemetery GPS#  37*31,206N  081*26,487W
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We came across an abandoned block cinder building, in the middle of nowhere, we haven't done research on what this was used for
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IMG_3441 IMG_3466
We drove through a pasture, fenced on both sides, there were some interesting fence post!
We drove along Pinnacle Creed for 6 miles, it is 20 ft across, one spot there was a beaver dam across the creek, on trail #10. We even saw two grouse along the creek. We had lunch at the confluence of Pinnacle and another creek, trail #26 and #20. This area is white sandstone and higher ground which made it rockier and less muddy.
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  We came across the "Eight Hole", a long, 2 1/2 ft deep hole, hard bottom, in the trail, We were in 4 wheel drive and had out feet on the seat. Many of the RZR's had the water come in on the floorboard.
IMG_3445 IMG_3449
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We rode around a beautiful bluff on trail #25, it was so pretty with the foliage and light colored sandstone. The valleys were outstanding! We did come across some unusual animals in the forest.

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