October 23, 2014

Indian Ridge-West area, Hatfield and McCoy, North fork, WV

We rode 35 miles-  http://trailsheaven.com/Plan-Your-TRIP/Choose-a-Trail/Indian-Ridge.aspx
Easiest (Green):  18%
More Difficult (Blue):  46%
Most Difficult (Black):  25%

     Today we were riding the blue and green trails, the black trails are if you want to winch. The trail goes into the the town of Northfork, or over to the Pinnicle Creek trail head, but we just rode the loop and back to Ashland Resort.

IMG_3397 IMG_3394
IMG_3400 IMG_3402
  We came across other riders, but they are all careful on the trails, and use the hand signal, showing  how many are behind, and a closed fist for the last person.  If you are driving slower, just let them pass by.
  We did go up in elevation, plus there was alot of mud and water holes to go thru. Only one was alittle deep. The leaves were falling all around us, plus the valleys are beautiful to see.
IMG_3410 IMG_3406
In the mountains of the Hatfield and McCoy trail system, you can see signs from the past, where there have been logging, coal minning and extracting natural gas out with pipe lines. We will come across an area where the gas pipe lines come to the surface, and the valves and tanks are present. Today we came across a pipeline, that grew into the tree and the tree lifted it up over the years!
IMG_3426 IMG_3415
IMG_3420 IMG_3404
There is also an invasive ivy which grows in this area, and it takes over large areas, including trees, grass or bushes and houses.  This was the first time we saw some out in the forest along the trail.
IMG_3421 IMG_3423
IMG_3419 IMG_3425

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