October 24, 2014

Pocahontas Trail, Hatfield and McCoy, North fork, WV

35 miles   http://trailsheaven.com/Plan-Your-TRIP/Choose-a-Trail/Pocahontas.aspx

Easy (Green)-22%, Medium (Blue) 47%, Difficult (Black)22%     60 miles total
   We rode south out of the Ashland Campground, toward the town of Bramwell, on trail #12-14-15.  We rode most of the trails.  It was quite muddy,rather than dusty, the trails in Green, were more like roads, the Blue trails were more like trails, we didn't try the black.  The landscape has some sandstone ledges, many trees and vines and some magnolia trees.  The area has been logged off. 

IMG_3289 IMG_3269
IMG_3277 IMG_3280

One of the blue trails took us right thru a vein of coal, there’s good size chuncks of coal, Pretty. 

IMG_3294 IMG_3296
IMG_3298 IMG_3288

We came across the Belcher Cemetery. GPS#37*21.987N   081*19.110W     There are some head stones dating from 1889, and the earliest of 2010.  We found out these cemeteries have been family plots for many years. Bottom land is at a premium, so they place the cemetery near the top.

IMG_3313 IMG_3316
Names and dates belowIMG_3325 IMG_3330

We did find a sandstone outcrop, with trees on top, and the rocks are falling away. Someone has put a foot long board inside, to support the top portion.

Board supportIMG_3283 IMG_3302IMG_3287
IMG_3307 IMG_3304IMG_3301

Belcher dates
Uther Griffith 1905-06
Rebecca Blevins 1876-1946
Ralph Blevins   1925-19??
Grat Taylor Feb 1914- nov 1915
Andrew Tayor Oct 1889-July 1929 Sailor

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