October 19, 2014

Hatfield and McCoy - - Little Coal River

Little Coal River trail - Hatfield and McCoy trail
        Hatfield and McCoy trail system in West Virginia, has 700 miles of trails.   In this area you will find visitor centers, trail head parking and lodging. There are 8 different trails, each have maps, showing the trail number and the difficulty of each trail.
Bearwallow, Buffalo,  Indian Ridge,  Little Coal,  Rock House,  Pocahontas,    Pinnacle,  Ivy Branch
Little Coal River, 43 mi of trails 23% Easy, 60%Med, 10%Hard
Little Coal River-  We went to the Visitor Center 20 mi south of Charleston on Hwy 119. where we purchased our $50 permit, per out of state rider,good till the new year.  We also picked up maps and info. We camped across the road at Little Coal River Campground.  We met campers Curt and Jay, who told us about the trails we would be riding.  We accessed the trail right from camp. 

IMG_3091 IMG_3070

The first day we road 35 miles, riding each level of difficulty.  The trail is 6ft wide, running along streams, and going up to the top of the hills.  The trees of maple, birch, bass, walnut and pine were at peak leaf color. There were numerous puddles, since it had just rained. There were also many people parked at the trail head, but the area is so large, you are not bothered. The riders use the signal to indicate, how many riders and a closed fist for the last rider, which is helpful.                                                                                                                                        

IMG_3051 IMG_3056
IMG_3061 IMG_3077
      We saw 3 deer,sandstone rock formations, thick moss, falling leaves, running streams, valley and mountains full of autumn leaves. It was a good day of riding. We are very impressed with the trail system.  We can ride to Ivy Branch from this campground.
IMG_3058 IMG_3090
IMG_3068 IMG_3075

LOCATION>   NEAREST CITY=Charleston   DIRECTIONS=20 mi south of Charleston, WV
AREA >   TYPE OF LAND-  forest, mountain  , OWNER=  Private
QUALITY >  Pro- well marked trail, day long ride / Con-none /  Length of stay 1 or 2 / Rating-stars-5 out of 5
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS, hills / forest / mud / dust / water crossing /elevation    
REGULATIONS> Permit required-yes  /whip-no / helmets req-yes. / width req.-no-yes
FEE> Camping-yes / Entry-Rider permit $26.50 resident, $50 non-resident
KEY SERVICES> Camping- Yes / Gasoline-yes /  Water &  Dump-campground
SIDE TRIPS>   7 other trails
CONTACTS> Hatfield and McCoy Visitor Center 1-800-592-2217

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