February 26, 2015

East of Vulture Mountain and south of Wickenburg, Arizona

   The group parked our trucks and trailers across from the Rodeo grounds and at the entrance to Wickenburg City Camping Park, on Constellation Road.  We rode our Off Highway Vehicles down to McDonalds to the entrance to the Hassayampa River (this part of the river is dry). From the bridge we road south 3.8 miles turning right, going under the railroad tracks. Be careful there are horseback riders and cattle in this area, give them respect.
      Everyone rode out the wash and turned left on a trail, just picking our way as we went.

IMG_5473 IMG_5477
IMG_5484 IMG_5474

   Our group ended up making a big circle around a few mountains.  You can see old mine tailings. We did notice active mining claims in the area

IMG_5515 IMG_5545IMG_5526

   Further on down the trail we came upon a south facing mountain side, which was loaded with mature saguaro cactus. The elevation and sun exposure must be just right for such lush growth.They like the warmer south facing slopes

IMG_5517 IMG_5519
IMG_5520 IMG_5521

There were great rock colors, and diverse trails to negotiate. We came across a BLM trail marker #9082A, it was heading south in a major wash.  Our group saw some javelinas running up a hill side, they were quite skittish since hunting season just ended on them. We also saw 3 large water tanks and some hawks.  The gang came back on Turtleback wash.  It was a pleasant ride and we noticed there were other trails that we can come back and explore .

IMG_5487 IMG_5508
IMG_5540 IMG_5544

Our mascot, Emmi, even wears eye protection. Making plans to head back and stop at McDonalds for ice cream!  We only rode 30 miles the whole day, but the day was a perfect!!

IMG_5547 IMG_5513

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