February 13, 2015

Lake Havasu, Arizona - Standard Wash,

           South of Lake Havasu City on Hwy 95 at mile marker 172-175, you will find three major boon docking areas, one with a kiosk and map.  The map shows a large are of numerous washes to ride, all coming out of the mountains, going down to the highway and the river at the bottom

Hengels and Gustafsons boondocking Kiosk map

   *Feb 13, we rode 13 miles, getting the lay of the land, and riding towards the mountain, picking any trail we wanted. We rode up a nice wash, great sights, and the rock colors were fantastic, green, purple, black, browns and white. Even thou the staging areas were full of campers , we didn't meet any other OHV out on the trail.

Half way up the mt. IMG_5019
IMG_5029 IMG_5027
IMG_5061 IMG_5066

   *Feb 14th 21mi
      We headed NE toward a tower on the Mojave Mountain top. As you leave the boon docking area and rise in elevation, you have a great view of the Colorado river and the town of Lake Havasu City. We went up a nice wash, where the trail left the wash, but it was to steep to get up, so we just choose different trail .  There are numerous trails, some in interesting washes and some on the flats.

IMG_5076 IMG_5082
IMG_5094 IMG_5096
IMG_5080 IMG_5125

We choose the trail at random and ended up at Upper Jupiter Mine.  There we found a horizontal shaft with three vent shafts. Tom walked in 20 ft, where he found a large room and a shaft going down! Most mines you don’t want to venture into because of lethal gasses, snakes, animals or shafts on the floor. There was a 20ft round, and a  8ft high stock tank. In this area they used to mine gold!

IMG_5120 IMG_5160
IMG_5184 02-STA_1212

03-STA_1213 05-STC_1215
We enjoyed riding in this area and we were lucky enough to be here at the Winter festival, where you can partake in a Rodeo, car show, concerts and the spectacular fire works display Thurs.-Sun 7:30-10pm.  We could see the show from our campsite 2 mi out from Sara Park. We also drove to the Desert Bar. It was an old mine and as slowly turned into a bar and entertainment. Beware you have to drive 7 miles on a rocky, bumpy dirt road.

fireworks 4 firework 2
IMG_5239 IMG_5249
IMG_5195 IMG_5131

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