April 30, 2015

Arch Canyon OHV trail, Blanding, UT.

   Arch Canyon OHV trail  20.4 miles in 6.5 hours, leave enough time to take in the incredible scenery.  We are camping, 3mi south of Blanding UT, 14 mi w on Hwy 95, in the combs wash boon docking site to the Left.   The Anasazi Indians lived here 1,000 years ago.  They built dwellings along the creek for farming and for water. They built in the cliffs for protection from enemy and weather and sun penetration for the seasons. The walls are so straight with precision workmanship.                                                     The ride is a easy sandy trail with 20 creek crossings, no elevation. There are 7 cliff dwellings, 6 are on the right in different elevations. (MM=odometer) Start at the beginning of county rd. 205, 0MM, a stones throw west of the camp, where you will see the Arch Canyon sign,  ride in 2.4 MM, it will be the second road to the L, GPS 37*32.653N  109*39.948W,  ride in a short distance to the first trail and marker to the L, back to a BLM Monticello kiosk with below map.

IMG_0147 IMG_0288

The 1st cliff dwelling has a large sign-Arch Canyon Ruin.  You can walk up to it and see some pictographs and the ruins. Some dwelling are in better condition.  37*32.776N   109*40.302W

1Arch R 1Arch R2Thick walls
1AR pic IMG_0278

2nd house is high on a cliff at MM3- Arrows point to dwelling -GPS-37*32.80N   109*40.475W

2WR 2CR2

3rd house in a low cliff at MM3.7-  GPS- 37*33.008N  109*41.048W , Check this one out, is the last one now along the trail that you can reach.  it is a very interesting one, they placed peak holes and even have shelves in it. The finger prints in the mud are from when they built it. Below

3WR 3CloR3
3CR3 3ClR3

4th house is at MM4.3 It would have been difficult to enter. GPS-37*33.403N  109*42,168W Below

IMG_0166 4CR4

5th house is called a Jacal, which means they put sticks up in the natural opening and put stones or mud on both sides, it is the highest site, 200 ft from the top of a 1,000 cliff, they must of entered from the top which is the Mini Baullie Mesa. there is a granaries to the right. The only one of this kind.  mm5.7- GPS-37*33.360N   109*42.805W  Below

IMG_0199 IMG_0189

6th house is at MM7.5 and it is on the south side of the creek GPS-37*34.868N   109*44.281W

6WR 6CR6

7th house is at MM 8.3 We’re not sure how deep the cave is. GPS-37*35.672N  109*44.927  Below

7WR Looks like the home was  built after the two rocks fell.>

When you reach the end, MM10.2,  you will gaze upon the Canyon Arch.  GPS- 37*36.397N  109*45.722W.  The first picture shows the mountain with the arch in the center. You can walk down the Arch & Texas Canyon trail to see another arch. We didn't go all the way

IMG_0226IMG_0215 IMG_0209

Here are just a few of the 118 pictures I took along the way! It was an amazing trip back in time.

IMG_0250 IMG_0245
IMG_0258 IMG_0249

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