May 2, 2015

Hook and Ladder OHV trails, Monticello / Moab, UT

    We are 24 mi north of Monticello or 32 mi south of Moab off of county road 114, also called  Steens road, go 1.5 miles on a tar road to the large staging /camping area. There is a map on a kiosk with points of interest.  We downloaded a map -WWWSPEAR4ALL.COM-hook and ladder OHV trails and Charles Wells book for the trails. The trails are a mix of sand, slick rock, rocky steps, you will see pasture in the bottom of the valley, huge sandstone bluffs, scrub forest riding  There are some slick rock riding, with white stripes showing the way.

IMG_0031 IMG_0033

  We headed north on well marked trail #1, but turned west at 1.8 miles on a new trail around a sandstone mountain. The canyons are amazing. Pictures don’t do it justice!

IMG_0037 IMG_0035
IMG_0039 IMG_0053
We found the eye! at GPS# 38*12.528N  109*21.165W This is where we met Jay and Amy, who joined us to the Wilson’s Arch. Cattle were grazing in the meadow.
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At the Trail #1 intersection, GPS 38*15.106N   109*19.799W    3 major trails intersect, take a sharp left turn to the Indian Bathtub - GPS# 38*15.097N   109*19.880W   We rode to the Indian Bathtub, in the past people have used a ladder to get inside, but we couldn't look inside since we don't have a ladder!!
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We also stopped of at Four Fins overlook, it is a narrow band of sandstone jutting out from the main land. The fins are made when the land in between drops down.
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We made it to Wilson Arch view point, if you go to the end, you will find a picnic table with a fantastic view!
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On the way back we rode Trail #1 past a spire. On the slick rock you will see white dashes to guide you on the trail.
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IMG_0121 IMG_0072
We also went to Newspaper Rock, Canyonlands National Park south and Looking Glass Rock ,  off of county road 131,west of Wilson’s Arch. A great rock to hike up!
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We met a nice couple, while we were in Combs Wash, near Blanding, who help put on the Arizona ATV Outlaw Trail Jamboree, September 8-12th 2015 check this out on     Vernal Utah also put on a jamboree in September.

LOCATION>   NEAREST CITY= 24 miles south to Monticello, 32 mi north to Moab, UT  DIRECTIONS=Turn east on county road 114 or Steens road.
AREA >   TYPE OF LAND=-desert, forest, bluff tops OWNER=  BLM
QUALITY >  Pro camping and good sights / Con 0/ Length of stay1-3 days / Rating-4 stars TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS-130- hills / dunes/ rock steps / dust  /elevation                    TRAIL MAINTENCE-Yes  NEAR BY TRAILS-to the south
REGULATIONS> Permit required-UT permit/ Camping-at stage area /whip-no / helmets req.-no / width req.-no
FEE> Camping / Entry-no                                                                                                                 KEY SERVICES> Camping with hook ups / Gasoline / Diesel / First Aid /  Water /  Dump / Food=
Monticello 24 mi south or Moab 32 mi north. 
SIDE TRIPS>Canyonlands National Park-South end, Newspaper Rock, Needles overlook, Looking Glass Rock


  1. Fantastic photos!! Looks like you had a lot of fun! I would LOVE to visit there!


  2. Looks like you guys had a great time. I especially enjoyed the picture of the owls. Where did you find them? I live in Utah and enjoy riding ATVs as well. Where would you recommend that I go?

  3. This is a great place to ride, and there's trails we haven't ridden yet! The Owls were across the highway 161 to the west, at the cool place to hike the Looking Glass huge rock


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