July 30, 2015

Mill Creek Road, Emigrant, Mt

30 Miles Mill Creek Trail and Wicked Creek ATV Trail

From Livingston, Mt, 18 miles south on US-89, Turn left (south-east) on to Mill Creek Road, continue about 7 miles.  We parked on Mill Creek road at a wide spot in the road, way before the Snowbank Campground.  We headed in towards the Snowbank Campground, but turned right on Mill Creek Road.

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We went up 2 miles to a staging area, where the trail head starts. It was July 30th and some moisture came thru last night and over 10,000 ft it turned into snow! So it was a chilly morning.  We saw a lot of snow on the mountain peaks, large mountain sides of rock slides, cold running creeks, and forest. It was a very safe and secure trail.
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Larry just so happened to run over a foot long 4inch round stick, which happened to puncture his tire.  First time in  10 years of riding.  The men thought they could patch it, and took the time to remove the tire from the rim and patched it, but it didn’t work so Larry rode it back to the trailer. Lucky they had greased the tire on the rim, so it rotated all the way back down.  We were half way to the top, but that will have to wait till another year! 
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Wicked Creek ATV trail is just down the road. We never made it there or to the top of Mill Creek trail because of the stick in the tire.                                                                   

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