July 21, 2016

Pittsburg Landing, White bird, Idaho

  45 mi
We camped at Hammer Creek Campground, at White bird, and drove 1.5 miles to Deer Creek Road or forest service road 923. We drove along enjoyed some specular views, mountains with grass, some pine trees, deep valleys.

IMG_4794 IMG_4731
IMG_4741 IMG_4747
We reached the tree line at 4,000 ft elevation and it cooled off. We stopped for lunch, went around the corner and found a picnic table and a drop off view. Down we went toward the Snake river. Once at the bottom, we went to the river and talked to the rafters coming down the river. As we were leaving, we took the trails to the left. The first goes down to the river again, the second one goes on for 11 miles, and we only road 3 miles of it because it was 98 degrees at the bottom.
IMG_4751 IMG_4761
IMG_4766 IMG_4772
IMG_4775 IMG_4779

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