August 17, 2019

                                                                                                                                         Sept 2018
Panguitch, Utah

Panguitch, Utah , Dixie National Forest, West and East-Red Canyon
Paradise Campground is north of town 3 miles and you can ride to both sides of Hwy 89.

The west is at the the bottom of a mountain, where there is long valley, mostly 4x4 roads, thru short cedar trees.  This is a big area, where I used my GPS to keep track of our routes and I think Avenza. There were grass meadows surrounded by aspen trees. Some areas had burned in the past.

The east area of Hwy 89 was my favorite, lots of sandstone hills with a variety of colors, green, blue, red and white. There are many trails, but well marked.  Valleys, forest on the ridge top and the outstanding Red Canyon, simply breathtaking.

Red Rock Canyon

Larry & Geri in the Red Canyon

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