October 10, 2015

Dome Plateau, Moab, Utah

      We drove north on Hwy 128, 30 miles, to the Dewey Bridge, where it crosses the Colorado River then another 4.5 miles to a DOT gravel pit to park our rig. We had our trusty Charles Wells, Fun Treks book, and followed the map.  We drove the opposite way in for 6 miles, so first sight came to two cabins at an old mining camp.  They were built out of old railroad ties, large railroad spikes are still in the ties.  We stopped at the first overlook, and was it a dandy.  We had an aerial view of the plateau and valley.

IMG_0692 IMG_0693
IMG_0687 IMG_0697

    Off to the south we could see two caves in the sandstone cliffs. So off we went and explored the wind caves and Cave Springs.  There were four caves to explore.  The first cave was 30ft tall, very cool toward the rear, cows have visited this area in the past. Around the corner was the larger one, with two openings, the larger one was 60ft high, filled with sand. 

IMG_0703 IMG_0713
IMG_0716 IMG_0717

Right next door was a shorter one, but this one went back in with three separate rooms, the last one's entrance has a berm of sand and water dripping from the roof.

IMG_0728 IMG_0721
        The last cave, around the corner, is the true Spring, where in the past they   watered cattle from a trough.
IMG_0730 IMG_0704
IMG_0732 IMG_0740
Then we headed across the green plateau to the La Boca Arch. It was interesting and fun to climb.  Then we headed down the road and trail to the Outstanding Overlook, boy was it!!  We came to a cliff with a elevation of 5737ft., with the Colorado River at the bottom of the Professor Valley, elevation of 2729ft So we had a drop of 3,000 foot. 
IMG_0748 IMG_0752
IMG_0756 IMG_0759
We could see Fisher Tower, Onion Creek, the La Sal Mountains (elevation of 12,331ft.) far in the distance. It was really Outstanding!! 
  Then we headed back, taking a smaller trail, and it ended up 20 miles longer plus 2 hours longer than we would of liked.  But we did see some interesting hills, canyons, and mountains.  40 miles traveled this day.  We could of explored more arches on the Jeep trail, but we didn't get on the right path.  Good Ride!!
IMG_0702 IMG_0701
IMG_0762 IMG_0700
QUALITY >  Pro-nice scenery / Con-many trails not marked /  Length of stay-one day / Rating-4 out of 5 stars
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS, Rocky, sandy &  dusty / trail & road riding/ dangerous drop off
TRAIL MAINTENCE-yes    NEAR BY TRAILS- Top of the World, Pole Canyon Overlook, Delores River Overlook
REGULATIONS> Permit required- Utah state permit / Camping- BLM across the road from the staging /whip-no / helmets req.-no / width req.-no
FEE>  Entry-no
KEY SERVICES> Camping- Dewey Bridge Rec Area / Gasoline / Diesel / First Aid /  Water /  Dump / Food=Moab, Ut
GPS Points>La Boca Arch 38*47.437N  109*25.061W

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