October 13, 2015

Picture Frame, Balcony Arch, Kane Creek Canyon Rim Trail

30mi 5hrs. Moab, Utah             Today we headed south, from Moab, on 191 at MM 113, Turn left, on the east side of the highway there is a large staging area.  After unloading we rode across the highway heading west on Kane Creek road.  We stayed on the main road,  3.2  miles, till we came to the sand dunes.  It is fun to play around on the dunes and seeing how well the 4 wheel drive works on our machines.

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  Down the road, to a distinctive mountain/rock, in the middle of the  plateau called Lone Rock.  Right away you can see Balcony Arch reaching  100ft high. It is an interesting display of erosion. Around the end, to the other side of  Lone Rock, you will see the Picture Frame, a square opening in the mountain. It is larger as you get close to this unusual sight. 
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The Kane Creek Canyon Rim Trail- Turn right-right there at the Picture Frame Arch, downhill over ledges, trail is sandy going across an open area.  We followed the map in Fun Treks book.  Behind-the-Rocks is a Jeep Trail.There were some difficult climbs along this trail.
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We came to Hummer Hill , where one brave soul, drove up the steep slick rock. The others in our group drove around on the by pass!  We rode in soft sand trails, dotted with some large difficult ledges! We drove straight to the overlook -5500ft and of Kane Creek below us at 2750ft. elevation, a drop of  2,750 ft down!
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We had a great lunch view and the day was a perfect and warm.  After lunch, off we went south riding the trails closest to the rim.  We stopped at a few overlooks along the way.  The trail drops down from the mesa, but not down to the bottom of the valley. We drove along at the base of the Sandstone cliffs, thru many cedar trees where you could see the river valley to the south.  We saw some ravens, rabbits, deer like tracks.  We turned at the middle trail back to the main road. Once again stopping at the dunes to spin some tires.  Just before the highway, several of our group stopped to help a van stuck in the off the road sand.  The man was from Australia and wanted to see Picture Frame Arch.  After the men pulled him out with their OHVs, he went back to the stable highway and onward to Moab.
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LOCATION>   NEAREST CITY=   DIRECTIONS=South of Moab on Hwy 191       AREA >   TYPE OF LAND=-desert, forest, mountain  , OWNER=  BLM,         QUALITY >  Pro-great sights, can make the trail long or as short as you'd like / Con-numerous trails to figure out which one you want to ride /  Length of stay-1 day / Rating- 3  out of 5 stars
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS, hills / dunes / dust / dangerous drop offs / some difficult trails
TRAIL MAINTENCE   / SQ. MILE AREA -many/  NEAR BY TRAILS-La Sal Mountains & difficult Jeep trails-Pritchett canyon and Behind the Rocks 
REGULATIONS> Permit required- Utah / Camping- only in certain areas /whip / helmets req. / width req.-no
FEE>  Entry-no
KEY SERVICES> Camping / Gasoline / Diesel / First Aid /  Water /  Dump / Food=Moab, Ut

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