October 14, 2015

Wilson Arch on the Hook and Ladder

33 miles
   The gang staged at Hook and Ladder at County Road 114,   just off Hwy 191 south of Moab, 29 miles, or north or Monticello, 24 miles. Drive in 1.2 miles to a large staging area with a toilet. We headed east to Trail #1, and taking the new trail around a mountain on trail #3/ #9 and up #1, #4 and trail #15 to Wilson Arch. 

IMG_1002 IMG_1011
IMG_1020 IMG_1027
Along the way we saw sandstone mountains, Canyon walls, The Eye, A spire, Indian Bathtub, Fins, Slickrock crawling with painted dashes to keep you on the trail, then Wilson Arch.  #15 dead end trail. (You can see the highway thru the Arch)
IMG_1049 IMG_1051
IMG_1057 IMG_1041
We have rode this trail before and need to come back and ride the El Diablo and Cameo Cliffs trails.  We rode this trail on May 2, 2015, more info about this ride on this date.IMG_1033


  1. Wow, this is absolutely beautiful!! These canyons are completely breathtaking. I visited the area once and can't wait to go back.



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