October 12, 2015

Top of the world, Pole Canyon Rim and Delores River overlook,

57 mi, Moab, Utah
    Travel north 30 miles on Hwy 128,  just before the Dewey bridge, turn right on Entrada Bluff Road for 0.3m. There is an vault toilet and a large staging area.  We started out at an elevation of 4140ft.  

Top of the world 1 IMG_0839
Off we went to find Pole Canyon Rim road, some of the trails have been changed so watch out and have a map, because there are numerous trails. Ride 1/2 mi. turning to the right we followed the trail,  We stopped at an overlook (GPS-38*45.748N  109*17.583W, elevation 5437) then went on to Pole Canyon Rim look out. We had a birds eye view down to the Colorado River. Elevation of 5050ft. 7miles one way.
IMG_0840 IMG_0844

   We  back tracked to the main road after 5 miles we turned Right, at the sign - Top Of the World. This trail is rocky and sandy, later the road steepens with rock ledges increasing in size. Jeeps and UTV's are on the trail, it is a slow 5 mile trip to the lookout of- The Top of the World.  We managed well with our ATV and the side by sides did fine. 

IMG_0855 IMG_0902
IMG_0892 IMG_0896
      Top of the World is so beautiful.   At 7087 ft a drop of 4355ft!!! You are amazed as you gaze down on the valley. It is so grand to look down and see grass growing in a farmers field, mounds of greenish clay, and the deep red towers. There were some table top pinnacles. Down below is Onion Creek and Fisher Towers, far in the distance you notice La Sal Mt, topped with snow, (Mt. Waas, ele. 12,331)  Allow 3-4 hours for this leg of the ride.
IMG_0867 IMG_0875
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We had interesting conversations with some folks who bounced up in jeeps. One driver was from Scotland, with a thick accent and his friend and co-worker was from Venezuela, South America.  He brought his country's flag and had his picture taken at the Top of the World! He thanked us for letting him visit our beautiful country!
IMG_0905 IMG_0906
IMG_0908 IMG_0859

Once back to the main road, we rode out 12 mi,to Delores River Over Look  it was a long way to go, but we did see numerous sandstone cliffs or mountains. Colors of red at the base and white towards the top. The Delores river is 1,000 ft below. Then headed 17 mi back to the staging area.
We started out at 9:00 and ended at 5:00 including sights and lunch. If you don't have time to do all three trails, drop the Delores River Overlook.
IMG_0852 IMG_0894
AREA >   TYPE OF LAND=-desert, rocky ledges, OWNER=  BLM
QUALITY >  Pro-nice scenery / Con-rocky trails /  Length of stay-one-two days / Rating-5 out of 5 stars
TERRAIN>  MILES OF TRAILS,  rocky / trail & road riding/ dangerous drop off
TRAIL MAINTENCE-yes    NEAR BY TRAILS- Numerous trails off Entrada Bluff Rd. & Dome Plateau
REGULATIONS> Permit required- Utah state permit / Camping- BLM across the road from the staging /whip-no / helmets req.-no / width req.-no
FEE>  Utah state permit                                                                                                                     KEY SERVICES> Camping / Gasoline / Diesel / First Aid /  Water /  Dump / Food=Moab, Ut
GPS Points> Fun Trecks.Inc book by Charles Wells

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